Welcome - What to Expect

Overview of Course

Entrepreneur AwakeningYou are here because you purchased The Entrepreneur Awakening book, and you want to have more detailed explanation of the worksheets and exercises.

Thank you for purchasing my book. As you go through the book, you will find there are a few exercises I give you to work on. In this program I want to go deeper into the explanation of those exercises and offer the training in a different format so you can complete it and really ensure you have the foundation you need to grow a sustainable business. If you have not yet read the book, I highly recommend reading it first, as it provides insight and stories that illustrate the value of these exercises. It is available from Amazon as well as Kindle.

This section of the program will describe what you can expect to find and how to use this curriculum. You have lifetime access to this program, as long as it is published through this school.

When you have finished reading this page, select the "Complete and continue" button in the top right corner of the screen to move to the next lecture topic.

Icon Definitions

This course will use icons to indicate that there is a link to additional information. This table below defines what content type each icon links to.

This icon will take you to a video. The video may be either embedded in the course or it may be a video on the internet.
This icon will take you to a blog on the internet.
This icon will take you to a discussion board. Instructions will be provided for using the discussion board and for the assignment requirements at that time.
This icon indicates there is important information you will need to review to better understand the concept.
This icon indicates you are at a point to take a quiz on the content you have already learned. The quizzes give immediate feedback. Once the lectures and all quizzes in this program have been completed you will be given a badge to indicate your participation.
This icon will take you to your To Do list of items you need to complete to achieve full understanding of the exercise.
This icon will take you to a audio recording. The audio recording may be either embedded in the course or it may be on the internet.
This icon will denotes a story.
This icon will how a process is used in your life.

Facebook Group

This is a self-study program. There is no instructor lead information or interaction. That said, if you find something that does not work or is too abstract, you may post a comment or question to the private Facebook group.

To become a member of the group please request to join. You will be asked what topic you are on. The answer is "What to Expect".

  1. Go to the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1907900562784388).
  2. Ask to join.
  3. When you receive your message asking "What Topic are you on?" answer "What to Expect".
  4. Post your question or help others get their answers.

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